Property Management
in Mallorca.

We take care of your property.

Fischer Prime provides first-class home care services to both homeowners and landlords. We have you covered whether you need home services for yourself or tenant management services for your rental property. Complete assistance with your property from start to finish, as well as dedicated tenant management, giving you peace of mind with everything from repairs to rent collection.

Post Project Management

Our contractors can assist with the small jobs that the developers will not do, such as creating a bespoke home guide, ensuring your utility accounts are set up in your name, and cleaning, dressing, and preparing your home for your arrival.

Vehicle Management

We can handle insurance renewals, valeting, record keeping, maintenance, road tax, refueling, bespoke vehicle improvements, charge payments, residents parking permits, and other vehicle management tasks.

  • control over the general condition of housing in the absence of owners;
  • key storage service, correspondence collection and overall property documentation;
  • registration of contracts with the municipal services of Mallorca (electricity, water, gas, telecommunications, internet, security systems, cleaning companies);
  • timely payment of monthly utility bills;
  • analysis and optimisation of expenses for the maintenance of real estate in Spain;
  • representation of the property owner in various meetings of homeowners associations (comunidades de propietarios);
  • selection of maintenance personnel and overall control over their work;
  • registration of insurance policies. Representation of your interests in the event of an insurance event, requesting insurance compensation;
  • payment of annual taxes and state duties on real estate and vehicles;
  • preparation and submission of income tax return for non-residents in Spain;
  • legal support of the property owner, if necessary;
  • solution of all issues arising with the participation of government bodies;
  • tax service inscription, as well as any other local, autonomous or state institutions in Mallorca, all types of administrative, fiscal and civil matters;
  • purchase of furniture, home appliances, interior items etc;
  • arrangement and monitoring of small repairs. Assistance in the conclusion of insurance contracts and maintenance of property insurance;
  • to intercede and perform any actions before a private security company, presenting and withdrawing for this purpose any types of documents until the full registration of the relevant contractual relationship;
  • timely payment of annual municipal taxes and fees;
  • carry out any actions before any municipal administration (mayor’s office);
  • payment on behalf of the client of any items or services hired;
  • recruitment and selection of the service personnel;
  • preparation and submission at the end of each month / trimester of a report on payments made on behalf of the client with copies of paid invoices/bills;
  • storage of any property documentation, correspondence, copies of keys etc;
  • control over the technical condition of the property;

  • technical inspection of the vehicle in Mallorca;
  • transfer from/to the airport;
  • purchase of a car or other vehicle on behalf of the client, registration, execution of a contract, payment of all necessary fees and taxes;
  • payment and submission of annual income tax declarations of non-residents in Spain;
  • control over construction and repair works;
  • customs clearance of vehicles from Europe;

Home Set-Up

We can assist you in locating household items ranging from forks and knives to sofas and beds, ensuring that your new home is ready down to the last detail. Consider moving into your new home with the fridge full, cupboards stocked, your favorite toiletries in the bathrooms, phone chargers in the wall, beds dressed, heating or air conditioning on, shipments unpacked, and furniture arranged to your specifications. Admin is also taken care of, with a free bespoke home manual, all utilities in your name, and more. When you turn the key, there is no packing box in sight, and your home is ready for you to enjoy from day one. This is the ultimate service for those relocating from abroad.